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Default Re: Top 10 Drafted: Who Will Be The Best??..In Order

My opinion...

1.Micheal Beasly (MONSTER, getting stats no matter what)
2.Oj Mayo (Awesome player, bad team, gonna get stats)
3.Westbrook (Look at his team, Got to be a star)
4.Kevin Love (Can shoot,pass,rebound, total package)
5.Brook Lopez (Nets only good bigman, got to get stats)
6.Dj Augustin (Scorer who can pass)
7.Joe Alexander (Might not start, if does he be higher up)
8.Derrick Rose (Not a good shotter..overatted)
9.Eric Gordan (No handles, Can only score)
10. Danilo Gallinari (He did alright last year, this is the nba though)
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