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Default Re: Top 10 Drafted: Who Will Be The Best??..In Order

1.) Michael Beasley - perennial 20/10 scorer and should put up big numbers this season
2.) Derrick Rose - it might take him a while to adjust after this season; but as he finds his game, he'll be a top 3 point guard for years to come
3.) OJ Mayo - a well rounded player who can score at will and has a few all star games in his future
4.) Danilo Gallinari - has a very high basketball IQ and will be a great fit in D'Antoni's system. A lot of people think this guy will be another highly touted European baller that can't play in the NBA, however I think Gallinari's great passing ability and ability to get the ball in the hole in a variety of ways will turn him into a successful NBA player and could even be a 20 PPG guy in a matter of time.
5.) Kevin Love - can score on the blocks, can rebound, excellent poster passer, he can ignite the fast break with his unbelievable outlet passing, and he can hit permiter J's. The only question mark is his defense.
6.) Eric Gordon - a guy that can get you a lot of offense and a pretty solid perimter defender, has the potential to put up huge offensive numbers like Kevin Martin.
7.) Joe Alexander - the second coming of Shawn Marion
8.) Brook Lopez - not a guy that will dazzle you with his athletic ability, but he'll get the job done and should be a solid NBA center in the mold of a Nenad Krstic or Brad Miller, not the draft bust that everyone is predicting him to be.
9.) Russell Westbrook - not as high on him as I am on a lot of these other guys; his game resembles Lou Williams to me more than Monta Ellis as he's been compared to. At worst, his excellent defensive skills will keep him in the league.
10.) DJ Augustin - He's a hell of a player, but he's too undersized in the NBA and unless you're named Allen Iverson, guys this size don't become very successful. I see him as a poor man's Jameer Nelson.
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