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Default The missing piece

Watch the Knicks games the next chance yall get - I said this in the general discussion board earlier in the year. Wilson Chandler may very well become a free agent this summer. It seems like Denver doesn't want him, I think it because he plays defense. The guy is tough as nails. His jumper is wet (35% from three) despite the fact that he couldn't work on it in the summer. He's only 23, so his touch will naturally get better and he will have time over the summer to improve. He's a character guy and is probably our best defender.

He really plays the three for the Knicks, he's 6'8 around 230 so he is a big shooting guard but he's done well there. He's extremely versatile. He plays powerforward sometimes and guarded Blake Griffin most of the game and did a good job. 16 ppg without being featured but the Knicks do play fast ball and you get opportunities that way so he would be about a 12ppg scorer with Chicago and in a more structured system. He's above average in knowing when to go hard to the hoop.

So if yall get a chance check him out. Unfortunately, DAntoni is in love Gallanari and Chandler seems like the odd man out. If yall had him this year he would fit right in. I would even do two months of my job in Chicago in the spring if yall got him.
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