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Default Re: The missing piece

I like Wilson Chandler and I also see how he would fit in here with our Bulls, but the problem is the contract that he and his agent will be looking for. I don't remember the exact figures and if I remember correctly I read it in some local newspapers but he was looking for somewhere between $50-60 Million over 5 years. Too much money. Not saying he'll get that much, but I'm pretty sure the Bulls won't be able to afford whatever he does end up getting. Unless he gives us a discount to come here which I highly doubt.

He is extremely versatile, can score in a variety of ways pretty efficiently and can guard multiple positions.

His downsides in my opinion are that he's inconsistent, doesn't always give 100 percent, and his shot selection is off sometimes. These are all things I feel would be minimized and controlled on our team though.

Again. I'd love to have him but I think it'll be too much of an investment and ultimately not worth it.
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