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1) He wants to be the worlds first sports billionaire. Rumor has it special clauses in his Nike Contract will increase his salary by FAR if he moves to a big market. It makes sense... Nike's product gets more exposure.
2) His relationship with Jay Z. Jay Z has introduced him into some of the business elites of the world. You have to consider the strong possibility Lebron has been introduced into the Rockafella family because of his closeness to Jay Z. The Two Kings Dinner for example.

Lebron showed he's all about money when he refused to make a stand on Darfur. His interests are alligned with Nike. It would seem there is a greater possibility he will leave Cleveland after his first championship than stay. I do think he will stay until he gets the first one.

Heres a good article on it:
As Jay-Z made a toast next to his co-host, LeBron James, at a VIP dinner during All-Star weekend, he spoke of branding, about a new world order of celebrity businessmen.

What’s unnerving to Cleveland is that Jay-Z happens to be a part owner of the New Jersey Nets with unlimited access to James’ heart, mind and ambitions. Of course, the Nets are plotting a move to a sparkling new arena in Brooklyn, perhaps as soon as the 2011-2012 season. They’re clearing cap space and planning a pursuit of James when he can opt out of his contract in the summer of 2010.

Don't grow too attached Cleveland fans.

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