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The Knicks and Nets are set up for YEARS of losing. They are two teams going nowhere, and have zero young talent to speak of. Talk about dim futures. LeBron will want nothing to do with that, despite his friendship with Jay-Z and opportunities in NYC

His friends, family, and mansion are in Cleveland. Also, he knows that he will be loved in Cleveland more than any other place. I think that means something to him. He wants to bring fame and glory to this franchise. Of course, part of LeBron's decision also rests on what the Cavaliers organization decides to do in the next few offseasons. Other than LeBron, they have no second scorer, very little young talent, and very little salary cap relief. Danny Ferry and co. will have to do some major juggling to keep Bron happy.

If the Cavs blunder everything up that I mentioned, then I'm not so sure I could blame him for wanting to leave, but he might reach a point where shuts out the organization and just plays for the fans. He wants the adoration, and he'll get it in Cleveland more so than any other place.
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