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Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
Why does everyone think the Nets will suck in a couple of years. Our team is now one of the youngest teams in the NBA and will be younger next season when Darrell Armstrong is gone. What do you see in Clevelands future middle round draft picks that will turn out to be nothing good. Think about it your bigs are aging (Ben Wallace and Z). You don't have a quality point guard. Yes the Nets may be under achieving and might even miss the playoffs but we will get a chance at a lottery pick and an ok pick form Dallas. Nets future is pretty bright to me. Devin Harris is getting the opportunity to run his own team, Josh Boone is turning into a quality rebounder, and maybe sometime in the future we (the Nets) can trade RJ for a PF. I like the chances of the YOUNG Nets.
Young players with talent: Josh Boone, Sean Williams, Devin Harris, Marcus Williams, Nenad Krystc.
BTW what does this have to do with where Lebron and his Family live? He can still live there we have the same thing with Vince He and his family live in Daytona, Florida and he plays for the Nets.

Devin Harris is an overachiever, and Krystc doesn't seem to have the ability to return to his former promising self. Boone seems to show promise, but he certainly doesn't inspire me to say he's a future all star. Sean Williams just plain can't stay on the court. He's a foul out waiting to happen. Marcus Williams is totally inconsistent. The whole team combined is a borderline playoff team at best. Cavs went to the Finals with a mediocre supporting cast last year.

And your jabs at the Cavs? Make no sense. Z is old, yeah, but Z is by far and away Lebron's favorite player on this team, and possibly the league. When the Cavs won the ECF championship last year, the first guy Lebron ran to is Z.

Ben Wallace? Has only a few years left on his contract. Guess what? Most of the guys we picked up in that trade? Expire before Lebron's contract. So we can shake up the lineup again if we have to.

And in case you haven't been watching the box scores, Delonte West has been playing really well since he got here, and he is definitely a true point guard. And he also has a lot of ties here. Went to school with Dwayne Jones, I think they were even roommates. There is also a coach on the staff that he knows from his past. He wanted to play here when he was drafted.

And Danny Ferry has proven to be a pretty solid GM, despite my early misgivings.

And do you know the biggest reason why Lebron won't be going to the Nets? He doesn't believe in rebuilding. Period. That's why he's a Yankees fan. They win, they don't rebuild.

Naturally, James was asked why he liked the New York Yankees.

"Just winning," said James, who broke out his Yankee basketball shoes. "Any franchise and any player who believes in winning and winning championships, that's what I believe in. I don't believe in rebuilding stages. Every year you base yourself on winning a championship and the Yankees base themselves on winning a championship every single year, no matter who's out there playing for them. As a kid, even when I was young, I recognized that early."


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