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Default Re: official march break thread

Originally Posted by Warehouse
Brief Story #1-On Tuesday, I was ckhilling with my white homeboy,Sean, and so he introduced me to a bong. Now, I didn't know how hard bongs hit, and we also had high quality kush in the bong. Needless to say, I hit it quite a few times, and needless to say, I was ****KKed up. When we were riding down back on the highway, I thought I was in NEbraska.

Brief Story #2-We went to six flags yesterday, and they told me I was too tall to ride the rides. So then, I wanted my money back, and they wouldn't give it to me, and they tried to offer me hald priced tickets, and I'm thinking, what the hell am I going to do with this.

word. the bongs are big time IMO.

since there seems to be hardly ANYONE here that had fun apperently, at least expose what you did during the break
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