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Default Re: who will win ROY this year? and DROY?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
IMO it is mostly just about wins

if the Lions had 8 wins right now people would say Stafford is playing awesome with the exact same stats

I really hate how people equate Ws with the completely undermines the other 52 players on the roster, as if winning and losing is just the QB's doing and the others do nothing.

It is the most simplistic way of rating someone possible..."oh he is on a good team so that means he is GOOD!!!

Yet the first reason out of 99.9 percent of peoples mouths as to why Montana is the GOAT is he won.

No mention of he played with arguably the best talent, both players and coaches, in NFL history.

I struggle with equating QB to wins....I think over a long period of time during the regular season, say a 10 year window....a great QB should be winning a lot of games because they are the great equalizers. They can overcome their teams flaws with their greatness not everytime, but enough for them to win a lot of games over said period.

However, playoffs are a different beast. You need a great TEAM effort to win a superbowl because the level of talent you face is much higher. Their are no Jacsonvilles or Oaklands or middleing teams to play.
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