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Default Re: nba 2k13 pick and roll problem

Originally Posted by v-unit
ok, so it seems like your answer wasn't the solution, but thanks for trying. even when i ask the guy on the right side to go to the corner, everyone else on the team ends up messing up the play and cutting randomly.

the problem seems to be every time I call for isolation and then ask for a pick. I noticed that when I don't call for isolation and just bring the ball up and call for a pick, it doesn't happen, but i'm not sure if I had put the backdoor cut slider at 0 when i did it.

when you call for pnrs, do you call isolation first or what?

yea i call for ISO first then run it

i usually dont run it from the top o the key though, its more effective on the wing.

that was the next thing i was gonna tell you, to mess around with the sliders and see what happens. other than that sorry bro, send a message to 2KSports and wait for them to NOT put that in the game next year
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