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Default Re: John Wall 9 pts, 6 reb, 4 ast against Tennessee in the first half

Originally Posted by GOBB
No, he's a SG/SF. And at the next level he'll play SG. You want to put $$$ on that? Of course not.

I like how you avoided me challenging you on Cousins being an athletic Hakeem. PleezeBelieve backing down from another challenge courtesy of GOBB. But if you want to continue going about what position Evan Turner plays? I'll own you terribly there as well. So perhaps you go back into hiding like you did yesterday. Only to peak in and say "Turner is a SF".

He doesn't watch any college basketball. I'm kind of realized this. People have no clue how people playing at this level translates to the next level. We should stop arguing.

Not one GM would take Cousins over Wall. Turner, as good as he will be (and he is freaking good), won't be chosen over Wall. And Cousins is a unique a situation as i've seen because part of his development stems from (drumroll) playing with Wall.

I love Cousins game (he can be so good) but out of Wall, Turner and Cousins, if you asked anyone rational (not PB) who is more likely to be tweeting suicidal thoughts a nd supsended from his team out of the three, 99.9% would pick Cousins.
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