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Default Re: Antonio Davis tribute

Originally Posted by bokes15
maybe you didn't read this part:

and would you take Prince/Maxiel for Bosh? because I certainly wouldn't. That's entering the VC trade territory.

I read that part, but I figured that you mentioning it means that you think that there is at least a chance that it might happen. I mean why mention it otherwise? I could throw out Bosh-Kobe trades all day but what would be the point since its impossible?

And no I don't think I'd do the Prince/Maxiel trade straight up (though there was a first rounder involved in the proposition would make it more enticing) but throwing in Rip, who I'd prefer over Prince anyway, makes it enter the realm of the absurd. And Prince/Maxiel for Bosh couldn't enter the VC trade territory unless Prince got bought out for 10 mill.

I'd like to second the notion about any trade that involves us getting Biedrins and picks for GS, whether it involves Bosh or Bargnani though it'd probably have to involve Bosh.
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