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Default Re: Pray for me fellow Lakers fans.

Originally Posted by Droth24
Hey everyone no real news yet but i went down on monday to get a cat scan to see if the chemo is working or not. going down to philly to find out the results and start my fourth round of chemo. I am realllllly nervous to be honest. wish me luck!. Btw i turned 18 on tuesday! so hopefully i get a good gift for my bday.

good luck man..and Happy Birthday bro.
wow 18! you've done grownup on us!

good luck & good news to you down in Philly.
stay strong brother and STAY POSITIVE.
being positive might seem like one of the hardest things to do sometimes in life but trust is huge. try try will pay off. Part of what makes us humans I think is the fact that we can adapt to many different situations and can overcome. We cannot control anything but ourselves and our attitudes and you seem like you are a positive person and have a good head on your shoulders. Be strong, keep your mind in check... Happy Birthday
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