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Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
Yet you disagree with my main argument

"they should be better trained to handle verbal slurs"

:stupid: Nice contradiction, I'll let it slide though.

Reacting and being upset as Mutombo was is normal. Handling racial slurs better would mean not rsorting to physical violence. IE Mutombo going into the stands and pounding his skull in. Not just athletes but human beings in general have to operate under these same rules when at the job. Cant just react and toss someone thru a window because of a racial slur. But to say that person cant be affected is wrong. To say the person hears racial slurs all the time is wrong. No contradiction here at all. I'm telling you racial slurs thrown at athletes in America isnt as common as you think it is so them being trained to hear it and let it roll off thier chin aint happening. They're gonna react and what you want them to do is not react in a physical manner is all.

Like i said what happened to Mutombo I'd like for you to find other cases where that happened. If it has happened enough where athletes hear it all the time Mutombo wouldnt have reacted the way he did. Period.
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