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Default Re: The Sandy Hook Hoax (VIDEO)

The latest conspiracy theory, I see... Can't say I'm surprised.

Conspiracy people, ask yourselves a question... Why, if this whole thing was faked, why would whoever is behind it (the government, I presume) send an actor to speak to the media and act weirdly when it would be completely appropriate and, frankly, expected for the parents not to talk to the media at all following a horrific event like this one? Why not just dodge this potential bullet and even save the hassle of hiring some bad actor when no one even expects this kind of half-assed speech in the first place?

As usual with these concocted theories, it doesn't pass the smell test.

As for the parent, I can't say I'm shocked that such a random tragedy resulted in relatives acting strangely. I doubt the thing had even sunk in on him at this stage of the grieving process. The fact that some people's first reaction to an odd aside in a situation like this one is to conclude the government is the puppet master is far stranger than the way this guy is acting. It can't just be something strange without a deeper meaning.

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