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Default Best and Worst Superhero Movie Casting Choices?

Spinoff from the Hulk casting thread. Got me thinkin who the best and worst choices have been for casting in superhero movies. Here's some of my favs and least favs

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine - When they first introduced him, as a HUGE Wolverine fan i was pissed that they got some pretty boy Aussie to play him. After seeing how he plays the part tho i'll definitely admit that I wouldn't accept anyone else playing Logan. Perfect mix of badass and human emotion

Patrick Stewart as Professor X - Let's face it he was made for this part. Bald, wise man with an accept. People had been making the Stewart/X comparisons since before the movie was even announced

Heath Ledger as Joker - I NEVER got into a Batman movie before, but this guy had me loving every minute of Dark Knight. The psycho lip smacking he did was a perfect touch too

Tobey McGuire as Spider Man - Perfect awkward/geeky kid to play the awkward/geeky kid. My biggest worry when they announced the movie was that they would get some hunky, buff guy and try to make him look like a nerd. They did it up right for this one

Robert Downey as Tony Stark - Just love how he played the part. Don't know much about Iron Man prior to this but I liked how he handled the role

Chris Evans as The Human Torch - I DID NOT like the Fantastic 4 movies very much, but this guy was perfect for the immature, cocky young guy who enjoyed the F4's fame/celebrity status.

Halle Berry as Storm - NO casting choice pissed me off worse than this one. Storm was a powerful voice, a dominant presence and a Goddess from Africa. They get possibly the most soft spoken black woman on the fact of the earth to play the part, and barely even give her any speaking roles/worthwhile screentime until she got her ass kicked by that speedy chick all thru the 3rd movie. HORRIBLE

Halle Berry as Catwoman - She was black...why did this happen? Stay outta superhero movies Halle lol

Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider - Nothing says "badass biker from hell" like Nicholas Cage huh?

Opinions? Who are some of your choices?
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