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Default Re: Thread for people who hate the Heat.

Originally Posted by DaSeba5
That's not good enough for all the effort people put on here to hate them. There's more to it than that. Miami is a lousy sports town.
I don't hate the Heat. It's annoying when bandwagon fans always talk down to other fans. The "my team is better than yours" "see you in game 2" type stuff and it's like... wtf of course your team is always the best... you follow the best player in the world wherever he goes lol. It's that internet tough talk that makes you really want to troll them and then they just make themselves easy targets. When no one respects your fandom you shouldn't expect more than troll responses and emoticon oneliners. Other than that it's whatever.

Other than that the Heat are obviously explosive, fast-paced and have starpower. Not many bball fans wouldn't enjoy watching that. Their management is great, but idk about the coaching. I'm seriously still not sure who calls the shots on offense, or how much Spo actually contributes.

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