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Default Re: Height/Athleticism or Skill/Shooting?

Originally Posted by tgan3
im 5'9. Ive played with 6'6 guys and they have shit handles and move so slow. Maybe the talent of big man in my area sucks but I totally decimate these kind of guys with my handling, shooting and speed.

Now if they were 6'6 and possess athleticism, that's a different story. But none in my area. The athletic guys are 6'1 and below here.

Most likely your area (or mine). The court that I go to, there's usually a few big guys (6' 4/5" -ish) who, while not the quickest have the necessary big guy attributes. Strong, can anchor, reaction time, etc. One of my good friends is 6'5" and fairly large; when the other team's center is like 6'2" and weights that much less, it makes such a big difference, at least when I play
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