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Default Re: Name FOUR teams you GUARANTEE will NOT make the playoffs this season

With 16 teams making playoffs, its very difficult to find teams that you 100%GUARANTEE won't make it. But I'm pretty comfortable with these:

1. Minnesota Timberwolves - No how, no way........
2. New Jersey Nets - I just can't see them getting to 40 wins, can you? Same core unit....and they didn't add anyone of value.
3. Detroit Pistons - Does anyone see a core of Hamilton, Prince, Gordon, and Villanueva making the playoffs? Yeah, me neither
4. Golden State Warriors - If there's one thing I know about David Lee, is he will play great, he will hustle his ass off, and you will not make the playoffs. Organization is a mess right now. Not happening.

Others: Raptors - If DeRozan blows up, its possible.
Cavaliers - A team that had best record still has a shot at playoffs, even without Lebron. Who knows.....
Wizards - Wall could go nuts. Doubt it, but.........
Sacremento - If the young talent goes nuts, this is definitely an 8th seed possiblitity....I wouldn't feel comfortable guaranteeing they miss.
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