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Default Re: Name FOUR teams you GUARANTEE will NOT make the playoffs this season

Originally Posted by bagelred
With 16 teams making playoffs, its very difficult to find teams that you 100%GUARANTEE won't make it. But I'm pretty comfortable with these:

1. Minnesota Timberwolves - No how, no way........
2. New Jersey Nets - I just can't see them getting to 40 wins, can you? Same core unit....and they didn't add anyone of value.
3. Detroit Pistons - Does anyone see a core of Hamilton, Prince, Gordon, and Villanueva making the playoffs? Yeah, me neither
4. Golden State Warriors - If there's one thing I know about David Lee, is he will play great, he will hustle his ass off, and you will not make the playoffs. Organization is a mess right now. Not happening.

Others: Raptors - If DeRozan blows up, its possible.
Cavaliers - A team that had best record still has a shot at playoffs, even without Lebron. Who knows.....
Wizards - Wall could go nuts. Doubt it, but.........
Sacremento - If the young talent goes nuts, this is definitely an 8th seed possiblitity....I wouldn't feel comfortable guaranteeing they miss.
I agree with all of your picks but to say the nets have the same unit is laughable.

Different coach
Different starting SG
Different starting SF
Different starting PF
Uninjured starting PG

The only thing that hasn't changed is b-low
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