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Default Re: Browns 1st and 4th pick

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Keep in mind they can edit that to make it look any way they want. I'm not defending Hue, but I will say this is the first team he has had that wasn't a complete dumpster fire from a personnel standpoint. Also, the first-team offense and defense has looked very good so far in the preseason, so we will just have to see.

Personally, I like Todd Haley and Gregg Williams though. Whatever happens with Hue, I feel better about this staff than the last two seasons. Remember, Hue wasn't just head coach the last two seasons, he was also offensive coordinator. Now, Haley steps into that role and Hue is now just basically overseeing the process.

Should be interesting to see if they can all coexist. Lots of egos there.

Yeah, I think it could all work really well or blow up in spectacular fashion. The combination of a HC who maybe should be a coordinator, 3 massive egos on the staff, and a really young team is definitely high risk/high reward.
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