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Originally Posted by Starbury4MVP
YEEEESSSSS, we speak SOOOOO highly about Jerome James around our forum:rollingeyes: . Seriously, yall made up the "Curry is better than Bosh" and "Jerome James makes our franchise great" posts. Looks like yall are just looking for new excuses to hate on us.

One of your Knick posters (I believe is might have been 'Handle the Rock') did say in a post that 'Curry is better than Bosh'. I remember reading that in a post somewhere. I believe it was in the general forum. I tried looking back in the Knicks forum for his quote but could not find it. Not going to waste any more time doing that. He may have erased it anyways.

There are some Knick posters and also Raptor posters who are not necessarily the brightest to say the least, who like to use profanity and like to hate the other's team.

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