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Default Re: 2k10 My Player Mode

Originally Posted by GOBB
I tried PG and stink i'm much better with a big man myself.

I got a 6'10 220 face the basket PF. I can get rbs easy. The thing is to get a higher game rating? It isnt determined by stats all the time. Good positioning, boxing out your man, double teaming, setting screens by pressing the b. Things of that nature also give you good grades. Just going for rbs, buckets wont do it alone. And rebounding is just timing...gotta time yourself right.

Besides your overall rating is low and you gotta build it up so doing some easy drills even if its shooting will help. Like I do shooting drills because I can get the gold medal status easy which not only gives me SP pts but also helps gives me a boost in ratings like scoring close to the basket. I do this most of my drills and stock up on SP pts then apply it to my players awareness levels. Get that up to 60. Helps with your overall rating.

I also found it easy to rack up assists with my player. Hit guys cutting to the basket. And another thing is i anticipate a steal when someone tries to pass it to the man I'm defending. I've gotten steals where i kicked the ball downcourt and my team scored. Get a good rating by setting and scoring on a fastbreak.

Yo there are alot of small details to do in a game where u dont accumilate stats that help your grade rating. My guys rating was a 39...Today? 52. But I didnt make an NBA roster, was sent to NBDL. I'll start that today. See how long it takes me to make it to the NBA. I gotta upgrade my dunking rating. Its like a 46. But it costs alot of SP pts to raise it. Like 168.
The only reason I can get a decent grade is by doing the small things, because I just don't get good stats. I always set on and off ball screens. I always get good positioning and I always look to make the good pass and take the good shots.

I think I averaged 6pts and 5rbs, but still managed to get a teammate rating of B quite often.

I usually do the rebounding drill, because it's so easy and I can always get the gold in it. That boosts my rebounding up.

Timing is a b!tch tho. I have to think more about timing for a rebound in this game, than I do in real life. It's also annoying because if I don't get boxed out, when a shot goes up, then the shot always goes in - it's weird.
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