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Default Re: 4th-highest ranking House Democrat gets demolished

Originally Posted by SomeBlackDude
exactly what happened.

a few wins in nyc and/or cali or a few other places here and there and a bloodbath loss litrally everywhere else.

Thing is, there's not much to speak of that the center offers Dems or Reps. These guys get absolutely cucked routinely with virtually no crossover appeal. If your platform is Republican-lite, your base won't care enough to canvas and vote. It just won't.

Nationwide for 2020, left-wing is the answer (maybe Bernie, but it might not need to be), and then you can really use the bully pulpit of the presidency to keep the train moving. The ideas that they pitch benefit almost everyone in America if they were actually made law; people will always outnumber corporations if they're invested enough. If the Dems actually had energy behind an economic agenda and scaled back the identity politics rhetoric (without abandoning it altogether), you really could compete well in a ton of districts.

Sometimes you have to run a moderate Conor Lamb style Dem, but I don't know if that will be the case for long. The message of being beholden to people instead of donors... that alone is extremely powerful and is the best hope. It really isn't as unrealistic to dethrone big money as people paint it to be. It may be unlikely, but it is possible.

The manufacturing states will be key again for 2020, you can't have brazen outsourcers leading the charge unless you want to win the popular vote and still lose, again.
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