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Default Re: 4th-highest ranking House Democrat gets demolished

Originally Posted by diamenz
dems will win in 2020 regardless. people will come out in masses against trump and it's as simple as that imo. traditional conservatives will vote against the guy. trump loses more supporters than he gains by the month, and by the time 2020 hits i think it'll be a historic landslide. he will always have that die hard 30% that supports him, though. shit, trump could rape their children and they'd still support him.

In an aggregate of polls done monthly since he became POTUS, he's never been up over 50% in approval ratings. Another thing, ever since he came to power, the GOP has lost every single special election that has been taken place. All he has done is energize the opposition, Paul Ryan isn't stupid, nor all the GOP congress members that see a yuuuge blue wave coming that they are retiring and outright jumping off the sinking ship.
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