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Default Re: 4th-highest ranking House Democrat gets demolished

Originally Posted by diamenz
dems will win in 2020 regardless. people will come out in masses against trump and it's as simple as that imo.

And it's as simple as that huh?? LOL what a joke.

In order to beat Trump, the Dems are going to have to use something else against him other than his less than Presidential rhetoric. But where did that get him? He still trounced Hillary by being who he is.

It's going to be hard to beat the man when the economy is on the rise, jobless claims are on the decline, North Korea has agreed to denuclearize, taxes were cut, etc, etc.

Seriously, what will the Dems have to use against him? The fact that he calls people names?? Laughable. And delusional on your guys' part.
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