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Default Re: Do you have a special bottle?

Originally Posted by gigantes
that excrement's the explosive device, yo!

the only weird time i ever had with it was the time i treated myself to a bottle of 12 for my birthday, wound up drinking most of it in one night, and expected to have the best hangover ever the next day. NOPE. it felt the same as if i'd lushed on crappy supermarket liquor. i'm guessing the virtue of scotch is in the aging more than the distilling, heh.

today i'm celebrating getting over the effects of a concussion from a week ago. bought myself a couple beers and am having fun making myself some weird micheladas..... like V8, worcestershire, red pepper and tahini. tahini goes well with anything, i swear.
haha. i think the liquor has to be a high quality clear liquor to have a better hangover. johnny walker black has given me a so-so hangover. but tanqueray gin gives me essentially no hangover

what beers are you using for the micheladas?
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