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1989: Cliff Robinson was definitely a steal. So were Dino Radja and Doug West

1990:Toni Kukoc ended up as the best 2nd rounder, but it is easy to see why so many teams let him slip. He was earning more in Europe than he could have in Europe, and there were no guarantees he would ever play in nba. All the ones you mentioned were good picks.

1991: A weak second round. Austin had a couple of nice seasons, but not exactly a steal. Dumas and Phills were the 2 best 2nd rounders selected, but their careers were cut short.

1992: This was one of the deepest drafts ever, but surprisingly few second rounders became really good. P.J. Brown was probably the biggest steal.

1993: Nick Van Exel. One of the biggest 2nd round steals of the decade.

1994: Weak second round. Voshon Lenard at was a nice late 2nd round pick.

1995: Eric Snow. Even though Seattle didn't gain anything for this pick.

1996: Another deep draft. Malik Rose, Shandon Anderson, Jeff McInnis and Othella Harrington the best second rounders. BTW, Golden State drafted Todd Fuller ahead of KObe, Peja, Nash, J.O'Neal and Ilgauskas in the first round.

1997: One of the weakest drafts in the 90s. Alvin Williams, Marc Jackson and Anthony JOhnson were the only ones worth mentioning.

1998: Rashard Lewis, Cuttino Mobley, Greg Buckner, Ruben Patterson, Rafer Alston. A nice second round

1999: Not much here really, except Ginobili.

2000: Redd!! The second biggest 2nd round steal of the decade

2001: Arenas!!! The biggest 2nd round steal of the decade

2002: Boozer. Scola may end up a steal if he decides to play in NBA

2003: Not much here. KOrver, Maurice Williams, Pachulia, Luke Walton, Willie Green, Bogans and Blake have done ok, but don't expect them to be around very long.

2004: Varejao

2005: Too early to say.

2006: Too early to say.
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