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Default Re: Blake Griffin throws down best NBA dunk of year on Kendrick Perkins Jan. 30, 2012

Originally Posted by Droid101
I just don't understand. Dude took off and would have thrown down a hard dunk. One of the heaviest, strongest dudes in the league jumped and hit Blake in the chest, HARD, halting his forward movement. Blake was still able to cock it back, after being hit hard and his forward movement halted, and throw it down.

It was a great dunk.

I'm hating a bit, and nitpicking, but I didn't see it quite like this - he had already launched himself in the air and THEN perk followed, but of course it was too late because blake was already a mile up in the air. I didn't see it as they met, or that he cocked it back after the contact, and then threw it down.

What you described fits more with what VC did to Zo back in the day. That was a guard meeting one of the GOAT shot blockers...literally meet at the rim in mid air....THEN he literally cocked it back and threw down a clean dunk in Zo's grill. You can't get any more facial than that. A lot of times, shot blockers are just a tad late, and are "surprised". Zo knew what was going down from the get go - just couldn't do anything about it.
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