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Default Re: The guy most comparable to Kobe is Julius Erving

Originally Posted by andgar923
Kobe has a more defined all around game.

If I were to compare Kobe to anybody, it would be Drexler.

Both of which equalled out at the end.

Kobe might be better than Clyde in one category, but Clyde might be better in another.

Clyde was unfortunate enough to play in MJ's reign, so he was always overlooked. But he was a great player that could do everything great.

I hate to sound like an MJ groupie, but that's how large MJ's shadow was. Clyde was as skilled as Kobe but more athletic. He could pass just as well, just not as fancy (passing isn't always about fancy passes), he could post, shoot the mid, had a bunch of offensive moves, was smarter than Kobe etc.etc.

They may not be the exact same, but I think he's the most comparable to Bean.

Totally agree with this. Kobe and Drexler are about equal.
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