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Default Stereotype a Poster's Posts

OK. Take a deep breath. This could get feisty. I'm doing this in good fun...response could be interesting. I'm kinda scared for the inevitable smackdown of my ISoulH but I hope I can take it. Post a poster's stereotypical post!

Understand that these can be negative or positive stereotypes and (at least in my case) the stereotypes aren't meant to be mean (in most cases).

StroShow - JOURNEYMAN >>> SUPERSTARS!!1!!!1!!

Gundress - Who the f uck wants to play Monopoly?

I seen hippos - [insert most nonsensical ridiculous possible response]

vapid - You fu cking suck.

mlh - I (L) Price is Right.

FashionIssues - [insert professional looking photoshop here]

supersmashbros - I don't really like stereotypes, not that they're mean, but they can be mean, or they can be nice. However they classify you, which I don't like, but some people do.

ZeN -

Meticode - Hot. F ucking. Wife.

TruthKGRay3412 - If Lil Wayne asked me for sex I'd ask him if we could wait a few minutes because I creamed myself when I saw him.

LoJ - Suckas get mind-raped!

Killbot - Blah blah blah post count +1.

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