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Default Re: How to recover from bad games

Originally Posted by carpevicis
Same - but this shows we're pretty versatile I'd say. I mean it provides better options for a team if a player can play both the 1 and the 2, so in the end you get more time because of the amount of positions you can play.

I think that's something I do well: I can run the point well, but I can also play off the ball well. So there's never an issue if another player wants to bring it up or if I need to facilitate. I do need to work on creation though, for the most part, I either give the ball to the best scorer or I drive then kick out. I can't seem to make plays where my teammate is close to the basket (bad movement?), almost all my assists are open jump shots.

It definitely helps to have people cutting at the right time. Just yesterday this small guy drove to the basket from the top of the key and my friend cut baseline to the basket and got behind his man... easy dish for a reverse layup. When you have people like that on your team who cut at the right time (I'm willing to bet his guy was ball watching so it was easy to cut right behind him), you can really rack up the assists.
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