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Default Re: TJ Simers: garbage writer or writer of garbage?

Originally Posted by Lakers13
I read that article, its just Simers at his usual. Dude is a full out hater. I used to listen to him in the morning radio and he was bs there too. Hes really full of himself. I wouldnt take anything he says serious, hes a punk. Ever wonder why nobody wants to do interviews with him?

What's funny is that Fred Rogan (who used to co-host his radio show before it got canned) said that he's just as angry and bitter IRL as he is on the radio or in print. I stopped liking Simers after he adopted the "Kobe gave up in game 7" theory as his own--after singing Kobe's praises for so many years, suddenly calling him out like that seemed to be the pinnacle of being antagonistic for the sake of it.

Of course, he's only gotten worse since then. He's basically become a caricature of himself.
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