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I had no reaction other than laughter to the news that this 2010 kid who I've never heard of committed to us.

I mean, I trust Weber's judgment in talent and all, but who knows if this kid even legitimately has an offer? We all know that recruitment of blue-chip players starts that early, but if he actually has a legit offer to commit to is another story.

But hey, if it's legit, and if the kid continues to develop, then great. Because Demetri McCamey's little brother is supposedly the only freshman in the state better than this kid, then hey! The 2010 class is looking terrific!

*Continues to laugh*

Just absurd.

yall Illini fans are reppin hard on ISH
Regardless of how one feels about Illinois, there's no denying it's one of the largest fanbases in college basketball right now. It's a very large public university, for one thing; even if we don't completely control attention in these cities in terms of collegiate fandom, we've got a ton of fans in Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis; and after the 04-05 team, there's a whole lotta bandwagon fans.

So in terms of number of fans, Illinois is right up there with all but a few schools in recent years.

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