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Default Re: Battle of the Power Fowards: Kevin McHale vs. Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol IS a better rebounder than Kevin McHale. McHale is one of the great defenders and a great shot-blocker. Gasol is also a very good to great shot-blocker, but McHale was better. McHale is also the better scorer, tho Gasol is a great passer and facilitator.

Gasol's biggest issue is his unwillingness to take the reigns. It doesn't have to mean scoring. But seasons like 05/06 are examples of him taking the reigns. Even in the playoffs in 2010. Kobe was the team's best player, but Pau didn't sit by and play sidekick. He may or may not have played better in the Finals, but that some normal people (let's disregard the specials) think Gasol was better is a testament to how good he was.

But for now I'd certainly have to go with Kevin McHale.
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