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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
Yup, most people don't realize that the one abrasion found on Trayvon's hands was on his off-hand, his left. Who randomly and without motive attacks a man, tries to inexplicably kill him... but punching him with his off-hand?

And as the medical examiner just testified, there was evidence only consistent with one strike and one impact (back of the head meeting concrete or other hard surface). There was no evidence that Zim was 'MMA grounded and pounded' with 25-30 strikes or had his head banged on the sidewalk a dozen times as he claimed. Anyone with basic sense knows that would result in far worse injuries for both Zimmy and Trayvon.

What it looks like happened now, as I've posited since the damn beginning, is that Zimmerman tried to physically detain Trayvon somewhere in the 'T' intersection area after a short verbal exchange. Trayvon tried to run towards Brandy Green's townhouse (trail of evidence leading from the intersection towards that direction and where the body was found backs this up). He hit Zim once in the face in self defense, trying to get him off, Zim (still holding onto Trayvon's clothing) fell on his back and hit the back of his head once on the sidewalk.

Both were on the ground and this point and Zim being dazed momentarily gave Trayvon the opportunity to initially get on top in an attempt to hold him down while he called out for someone to help him. Wrestling match ensued until Zim, with his extensive MMA training and experience, was able to get 'wrist control' and reverse positions- him on top, Trayvon on the bottom, and was able to unholster, aim, and fire one shot into Trayvon's heart.

He then patted him down, flipping him over to check his back pockets before someone came out with a flashlight and the cops arrived.

Yes, I recall your summary of events - like a year ago. This evidence of neither having significant bruises or evidence of that, also supports my early stand that Zimmerman had command of the fight for whole 40 second scream segment. And that the desperate screams were one for life and not a simple "help me" scream. That the gun is acknowledged by Trayvon early on. And that Zim did this cold blooded and out of no urgency or fear. Once again I based everything on the screams at first in the very early pages here. This still has to be proved but we'll see.
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