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Default Re: Ben Affleck Is The New Batman

Originally Posted by hoopaddict08
I don't have a problem with Affleck. He is a decent enough actor. Christian Bale wasn't even great in his role as Batman. Playing Batman is the easy part. You're a billionaire disguised as a superhero, how difficult is that? What makes the movie good is the villain/story. Just look at the last two movies.

The director/writer of Daredevil has been involved with these movies: Jack Frost, Ghost Rider, Grumpy Old Men, Grumpier Old Men, Big Bully, and Elecktra. That is literally his resume. No wonder that movie was awful.

George Clooney should have made a better batman than he was. He has the looked and how difficult is it to do the voice Bale used when suited up. I'm not trying to knock Christian Bale as an actor because he is a good actor but people act like he was phenomenal when really to me he was just average. The characters of Bane and the Joker are really what stood out and Nolan directing is what made the last three movies great.

Forget the role of Batman whilst in costume, there is no better Bruce Wayne than Christian Bale.

Imagine Affleck as Wayne when we think about this upcoming movie.
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