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Default Post your 2015 NBA Draft Big Boards

Big Boards are not Mock Drafts but a list of who you think are the best players in the draft

1. Emmanuel Mudiay (NBA Comparison: 6'5 Lebron James)

He's basically the player you create on NBA 2k. 6'5 (Could still be growing. He was 6'4 last year, and his deceased dad was 6'10. Although his older brother a Senior at SMU is just 6'3), very athletic, all the physical tools to become a great defender, great PG skills, great quickness to get to the rim. Went toe to toe with Chinese basketball legend Marbury in the CBA finals and held his own.

2. Jahlil Okafor (Unique)

6'11 270, 19 years old, and is coming into the NBA with an above average post game and an NBA body. It is unlikely he will come into the NBA a star but he has superstar potential as he gains more experience, continues to get bigger/stronger, and improves his post game. Not your modern NBA center at all so he will give todays centers trouble guarding the post. Can he score right away on todays athletic, long, centers of today who are only in the league for their defense is my only concern

3. Karl Towns (NBA Comparison: Modern day Tim Duncan)

Karl Towns has the potential to be a lock down shooter. His full game was not fully utilized at KU as Calipari has players fit into his system rather than changing his system to fit his players. With his improving post game, defense, and already great jumpshot it is easy to see why he is going #1. For the record I would take him #1 over both Okafor and Mudiay.

4. Willie Trill Cauley-Stein (NBA Comparison: Slimmer Andre Drummond)

Very athletic, long 7 footer. His offensive game will mostly be lobs, and putbacks but thats how modern NBA centers play today. Very quick center he ran speed drills faster than todays NBA POINT GUARDS! Larry Bird said it best that he is a $100 player. In any other draft I easily see WTCS going #1 or #2

5. DAngelo Russell (NBA Comparison: Mike Conley)

He's not a physcial guard but most of the elite guards of today are not physical on offense. Has knockdown jump shooting potential. Very talented guard, and a very talented play maker. I could see him playing 2 guard at times as well. Very versatile. Will need to work on defense, and finishing in transition but so does Mudiay, and every other guard coming into the league.

6. Stanley Johnson (NBA Comparison: Mike Kidd-Gilchrist with a better jumpshot)

A day one starter. He has the highest defensive potential for all guards in the draft, but I can see him playing SF as well. Only 18 and very strong for his age. It's unfair to compare anyone to Kawhi Leonard, and Jimmy Butler but I can see him becoming a similar player.

7. Justice Winslow (Unique)

Great all around potential to become a great two way player.

8. Kelly Oubre (NBA Comparison: Gerald Green)

Not very polished player at the moment, shys away from contact with weak floaters, and his draft stock is falling at the moment but he has great potential if he lands in the right situation. Has all the tools to become a serviceable shooter, great defender. Very quick and athletic player
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