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Default Re: What are your job benefits?

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
LOL, fine.

I work for a United Site Services. Portable toilets. We service them [clean them]. My truck has a massive tank on it, with a gigantic hose and a pump that I turn on, stick the metal tube in the toilet and it sucks everything out. I change the paper, add more water and some smelly chemical and I'm done. Whole process takes about 5 minutes.

It's just, most people can't take that. You may say you can, but wait until you get into one when It's 100 degrees out and it hasn't been serviced in a week. There's shit and blood and everything you can imagine in there. Diapers, needles, hair. The works.

This company goes through so many guys It's not even funny. 100's of people a year. They get to the toilet and just can't take it. They quit after a day or two.

Me? I don't give a f*ck. Not when I see my paycheck at the end of the week. And like I said, It's mostly driving.
nice. I knew a guy who amassed a fortune with a portajohn company. Ended up having high-end models with satelite tv and mahogany paneling for uppity ups.

and, having lived on projects where 20+ of us had 4 of those for a week, I can tell you that you have the easy part of the job. the bad part is that hungover dump on the day before they are scheduled for their weekly cleaning.

also, you should watch this movie. I can kinda picture you as the main character and it is an excellent movie.
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