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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

Originally Posted by JellyBean
To improve his draft stock and his game. Even though a lot of mock drafts have him going in the top five, he isn't ready. If his goal is to play in the NBA and last more than 2 years, he has to improve. Staying in school another year or two will not kill him. It will only help him improve his game.

Wishful thinking. He's not going to get any bigger, and that's the NBA's principle interest.

I'm a big fan of guys staying in school, but polish is something lacking in most NBA big men. It's an era where a guy like Kendrick Perkins is heavily sought after. If you're a Top 5 draft pick, you leave, especially when your college program is banned from the tourney and there are serious questions about your longtime, face of the program head coach.
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