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I do agree with you that the Clippers should make use of the benefit of sending players down to the D.

Out of the 3 rooks that they have this season, I would think that DeAndre would gain the most benefit. E.Gor and Taylor are fitting in well with the NBA flow, even if they are still taking lumps. Even, with Gordon being inconsistant and Taylor getting a little wild with the ball sometimes, they are still, both, hanging on quite well.

Now on the other hand Jordan has had difficulties in his progression. Ive seen him miss a couple dunks, hes looked out of place, and has fouled way too much. So I think that he would benefit from some extra time in the D-league. If anything just to get in the 'mind set' of the flow of a game.

The good thing for Jordan is that he has been able to aquire some minutes these past few games, and may receive more with Kaman out for a few weeks.

However in the long run, I think that he will see less and less time, and his progression will get a bit rusty.

So the Clipps could gain much in the Jordan development department, by sending him for some time to the D-league...

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