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Default Re: Your Daily Dez: Bryant charged with domestic violence

Find if funny you keep on talking about people not assuming anything and nobody knows what really happened but than you keep on talking about how his mother isn't an angel, how she could have beat him as a child, shit about banging a pimp at 14 so she clearly has issues and their family isn't the brady bunch or normal

Doesn't sound that serious but anyway you slice it dude is a piece of shit. Everybody knows people with a loony mother and anybody with a brain cell knows you never do a women like that, esp your own mother. You know, the woman who produced you. Even if it hitting her with a hat, the pulling the hair, tearing off clothes speculation actually does make it sound more serious tho.

I won't pretend to know what happened but sounds like dude just has a temper and f*cks with his family IMO. Than I can't keep letting him do this, fighting with the brother etc. gives that impression to me anyways.
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