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Default Re: So are we gonna pretend that Wade didnt have a better game that leBron???

When two players score in the 30s in the same game, on the same team neither is a sidekick that game. They both played a very important role, it makes no sense to me. If the heat win and Lebron has a better game, he is stat padding or front running. If the heat win and Wade had a better game, then Wade carried the team. If the heat lose whatsoever then Lebron is overrated and not clutch. If Lebron does in fact have a clutch game, then it was only one and doesn't mean anything.

Why is it so difficult to enjoy basketball and great players. When you are on the level of a Wade, Kobe, Lebron, Rose, or Howard the difference in skill is irrelevant, any one of those guys can explode with huge numbers at any time guarded by anyone. We as people love to tear down the ones at the top. We are so happy to be reminded that superstars are indeed people with limitations and jump at it as quickly as possible.
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