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Default Re: Poast your fantasy team 2018

Originally Posted by Dr. Cheesesteak
Surprised Fox is going so high (for a late rounder) for some ppl. I mean, I love the dude. But Kings backcourt is pretty unsettled. Joerger loves vets. Hill and Temple are vets, and Hill makes a lot of money. Fox is nice, but FM3 is nice, too. And even if Hill is moved to SG, there's still Bogdan and Buddy.

I dunno, I love Fox. Just not in fantasy his rookie year. But never know. Hill isn't always healthy and Kings may turn it over to Fox sooner than later.

Anyway, I'm in a 12-team league and got #3 overall pick. Here's my roster in draft order:

Gordon Hayward
Jamal Murray
Jaylen Brown
John Collins

KD and Giannis went #1-2. I knew I had #3 pick a few days ahead and was torn between Giannis and KAT, but thankfully the choice was made for me. At #22 I would've been torn if Godzingis was still there, to pick either him or my favorite player Klay. Porzingod was picked, so my 2nd pick was made for me also.

I feel pretty good about my 3PM, Rebs, Blks, and kinda Stls. Assts may suffer a bit...

i cant understand why people are so high on porzingis...guys already hurt. i dont think his frame is built to last a full season at all in a contact sport...if he couldnt do it as a second option how will he do it as first?
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