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Default Re: Poast your fantasy team 2018

Originally Posted by tpols
i cant understand why people are so high on porzingis...guys already hurt. i dont think his frame is built to last a full season at all in a contact sport...if he couldnt do it as a second option how will he do it as first?
Different offense. Different teammates.

The Unicornís game isnít meant for the triangle offense. Thatís gone now. No 2nd option will thrive playing besides Melo. Thatís gone now.

Donít get me wrong, Horny ainít no offensive guru. But Godzingis now has Kanter, Beasley, kinda Hardaway Jr, and kinda McBuckets to take some pressure off him, give him space, etc. Just gotta hope Sessions doesnít see the floor at the same time as Porzingod.

Yeah, his frame is a bit weak, but w/ the extra ball movement and spacing, Three 6 Latvia should hopefully be let loose to wreak havoc on the NBA this season.
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