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Default Crazy trade. Would you do it?

-Miami trades Udonis Haslem, Antoine Walker, Dorell Wright, Wayne Simien

-Memphis trades Damon Stoudamire, Stromile Swift, Hakim Warrick, Rudy Gay,
Brian Cardinal, Tarence Kinsey

-Phoenix trades Boris Diaw, Marcus Banks, Alando Tucker, Eric Piatkowski

*Miami gets Hakim Warrick, Stromile Swift, Brian Cardinal, Tarence Kinsey
Alando Tucker

*Phoenix gets Rudy Gay, Damon Stoudamire, Antoine Walker

*Memphis gets Antoine Walker, Dorell Wright, Boris Diaw, Marcus Banks,
Wayne Simien

Lineup would be..

pg-J.Williams, S.Parker, C.Quinn
sg-D.Wade, D.Cook, A.Hardaway, D.Green
sf-A.Tucker, T.Kinsey, Je.Richardson
pf-H.Warrick, S.Swift, B.Cardinal
c-S.O'Neal, A.Mourning, M.Doleac
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