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Default Re: Hospital performing UNNECESSARY cardiac surgeries as a means to MAXIMIZE profits

Originally Posted by Smoke117
Hopefully you are next LOJ and the surgery fails and you die on the table.

Yeah, you and Skywalker, what such great things to say... in such a RL type thread. One of you are what, 16 and the other is in his early to mid 20's, and ginger (which is twice as pathetic) bc while I may joke around here on here often, never would I wish, poke fun, or encourage RL ill will or harm towards another human being.

I suppose there are those who just hate to the extant after getting stung so badly on a message board (speaking of skywalker, whereas I can't say for this smoke guy, but I'm sure he's the alias of someone, pretty pathetic probably).

Wishing another poster would straight up be deceased and mean it meaningful is beyond distasteful. Yeah I'm sorry skywalker I have talked shit about you in good fun and all in good measure, but if I took shit too far to the point you felt you honestly felt some RL "payback" to the bounds of RL pain, torture and even perhaps death satisfies you, then yes, even those besides myself are in need of mental reconstruction. Ginger or not, we're all still human.

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