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Default Re: Ex-Laker Trevor Ariza interview on M&H Show today (7-6-09)

Originally Posted by WiltTheStilt
David Lee the agent is a complete jerk. I read something today that said that the Lakers did start negotiations with David Lee and that he played hardball with them from the start without compromise. What a jerk. Ariza is just being diplamatic, but he got a bad deal in an environment where we will become just ordenary.

I agree about Lee man.
The Lakers met with him on July 1, the first day they could meet with him.
Lakers offered MLE, not sure if it was 3 years or more.
Lee went public saying they were looking for in the neigborhood of 8.
Lee also started all the crap about being insulted, and saying that they felt the negotiations were over and did not intend to go get an offer and then come back to the Lakers for a match. He tried to play hardball with a weak hand, and Mitch called his bluff.

Mitch did exactly the right thing. He had a backup plan, maybe even a plan that he felt would make the team better. (Artest was also most likely a back up plan for Odom).

David Lee way overplayed his hand.
I love Trevor, I'm a UCLA alum, but let's face facts.
Trev is a nice player not a star.
He had a nice season for this team.
He had a great playoff run, but a few months of nice play does not a star make. There are so many examples around the NBA of guys who got fat contracts because they had nice years during a contract year.
Our roster is loaded with them, (Sasha, Luke), and their contarcts have tied our hands to some extent.

I wish Trev the best, but I think he will struggle ouside of the role he was playing here. He is not someone who can create a shot.
Artest is a far, far superior player to Trev, and he's proven it over a 10 year NBA career. The Lakers are simply going to need to reign him in a bit, that will be the challenge, but I believe we have the right chemistry to make that work.

One more thing.
Lee works for Trevor, not the other way around.
Use your head Trev.
Trev should have made it very clear to his agent that he wanted first and foremost to remain a Laker, unless that was beyond his control.
He didn't do that, so while I like Trev a ton, he also must accept some of the responsibility for this horrible, horrible mistake in his career.
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