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what a ****ing *****. the queens are terrible, just a horrible team. the players suck, the coach sucks, their defense sucks, their offense sucks, everything sucks. Matt Barnes >>>the Kings. They knew they had to win this game because of the tough upcoming schedule and theyre blowing it. shareef, wtf is this guy doing on the kings he doesnt even fit into the Kings system. shareef is good at taking up space and doing nothing with it, he gets the ball and holds it for 5-10 seconds doing NOTHING im serious and just argues every call. get him out of here. Trade Bibby while you can i thought he would get better but it's not looking that way. Brad needs to try out for the PF position on the monarchs. Kenny turns the ball over like he doesnt care, like he just throws passes into traffic. Maybe I didn't mean all that Im saying or maybe I do, watching this team is so effing frustrating right now. DO something petrie. this team sucks.
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