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Default Re: MAD MEN series discussion

Originally Posted by brooks_thompson
one more post from me tonight. a scene from the show that still gives me chills, the climax of the first season.

if anyone wanders in here by chance who hasn't watched the show and is on the fence about investing time in it, this is the best persuasion there is.

(yes, it's the carousel)

Carousel/Nostalgia speech is beautiful written.

But I also enjoy Don's nihilistic views on love in the first episode.

In many ways, he has changed and tries to have a more optimistic view of his life but you can still see his world slowly falling apart in more subtle ways. He still mistreats people from time to time and doesn't understand his daughter's rebellious attitude.

His life is like a broken levee, I guess.

But then, at the same time, I'm reminded of redemption and hope. Don reverts back to Dick Whitman, emotional and spineless, when he knows Anna Draper has died. His emotional mistreatment of Peggy shows his fragile state of emotions and then, when he finally receives confirmation of Anna's death, he just breaks down. But because Peggy is there, she saves him from the loneliness that he felt when his half-brother died.

One of the best scenes in Mad Men ever. I guess that's what makes me like the show is that it builds up the tension only to relieve it in the face of opposite tension. And the character's lives improve or fall apart because of it. It's entropy.

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